Learnings from In-Service Teacher Professional Development (PKB) in Three Cities



Topic: Dissemination of Research Findings - Learnings from In-Service Teacher Professional Development (PKB) in Kebumen District, Gorontalo District, and Yogyakarta City
- Nur Berlian Venus Ali, S.Tp., M.SE. (Representative of Research and Development Agency, Ministry of Education and Culture) - Keynote speaker;
- Dr. Romi Siswanto, M.Si. (Representative of Directorate General of Teachers and Education Personnel, Ministry of Education and Culture);
- Rizki Fillaili, M.A. (Researcher of RISE Programme in Indonesia);
- Representatives of Education Agencies from Kebumen District, Gorontalo District, and Yogyakarta City.
Date: Tuesday, 30 April 2019
08.30 - 15.30
Venue: Mexolie Hotel, Kebumen, Central Java

Contact person: Novita Eka Syaputri (nsyaputri@smeru.or.id)

Event description:

RISE Programme in Indonesia has conducted a research on Functional Training in In-Service Teacher Professional Development (PKB) for elementary teachers in September-November 2018 in three locations: Kebumen District, Gorontalo District, and Yogyakarta City. The study aims to explore the advantages of PKB, as well as the challenges and problems faced in improving the competence and professionalism of teachers.

As the final component of this research, RISE Programme in Indonesia carried out the dissemination of research findings. Through this dissemination, RISE Programme in Indonesia presented the findings of research on Functional Training in PKB. At this event, there was an exchange of information regarding the findings and recommendations of RISE Programme in Indonesia's research. Policy dialogue between policy makers, researchers, and other stakeholders was also created. This information and policy proposals are expected to be constructive input and feedback for the preparation of education policies at the provincial and district/city levels.

Presentations from the speakers are available only in Bahasa Indonesia.

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