Preliminary Findings on the Impact of Zoning-Based New Student Registration Programme (PPDB) in Yogyakarta City


Topic: Learning Laboratory

Speaker: Goldy F. Dharmawan, Florischa Ayu Tresnatri
Date: Thursday, 8 August 2019
Time: 09.30 - 12.00
Venue: Education Agency of Yogyakarta City

Contact Person: Novita Eka Syaputri (Communication Officer - RISE Programme in Indonesia) -


Yogyakarta City is one of RISE's Learning Laboratory. Goldy F. Dharmawan and Florischa Ayu Tresnatri presented the preliminary findings on "The Initial Impact of Zoning-Based New Student Registration Programme (PPDB) Policy on the Segregation of Junior High School Students in Yogyakarta City" in front of the Head of the Yogyakarta City Education Agency Budi Santosa Asrori and other education stakeholders in Yogyakarta City.

Photo documentation of the event can be viewed on the SMERU Research Institute Facebook Page here.

Download the presentation (only available in Indonesian):

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